MyTown Heyfield energy project

The MyTown Heyfield energy project is a current project in Heyfield. $1.8 million of federal government funding and $100,000 from the Latrobe Valley Authority was granted to the project partners to undertake a study to test what local energy solution is feasible and desirable for the town.

The Heyfield Community Resource Centre, Wattwatchers Digital Energy, and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) are leading the project. They are joined by partners the Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd. (PIAC), Federation University Australia, AusNet Services, RMIT University, Latrobe Valley Authority (LVA), and the Community Power Agency (CPA).

More and more communities are taking control of their own energy supply in Australia. Spurred by new clean technology options, these communities are part of a global movement changing the way electricity is generated, transmitted, stored and used. Localised solutions empower communities to become resilient and adapt to crisis situations.

MyTown Heyfield energy project is an innovative, multi-year, multi-stakeholder project undertaking a detailed data-led microgrid feasibility study for the historic town of Heyfield, in eastern Victoria’s Wellington Shire. Assessment and design will be built on a platform of deep community engagement and capacity building. The objective is a better energy future for the people of Heyfield, and a role model for other communities.

Latest project news:

The MyTown Microgrid Project Team, l-r: Moragh MacKay, Director Economic Development and Investment, Latrobe Valley Authority; Julie Bryer, Heyfield Community Resource Centre; Caroline Trevorrow, Manager, Heyfield Community Resource Centre, Tim McCoy, Wattwatchers Program Manager; Emma Birchall, MyTown Community Liaison Officer; Scott Dwyer, ISF Research Director; Kristy Walters, The Change Agency representative. Photo Kirsty McCallum


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